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Removal to France
What to regard

Countless people dream about it: Leave Germany and move to Paris, the city of love. In order for the removal to be a success, many aspects have to be considered before, during and after the removal.

From Hamburg to Paris: Make your removal a success story

You will not need a residence permit nor a permit to work if you want to move to a French city. All you need is a valid id-card or passport and a lease agreement to verify your residence. The registration is possible within the first three month of migration. If demanded you can apply for a “ Carte de Séjour” ( residence permit) to use as a verification of your residence. The address for registration in Paris is: 93, Avenue Parmentier, F-75011 Paris.

Furthermore you should definitely register at the French revenue office.

Emigration to France: your car comes along

Your German driver’s licencse is also valid in France. If an EU- citizen changes his residence in the EU, the driver’s license can be used without restriction or simply be switched. Your private vehicle can also be imported to France without any customs. All you need is an export license plate. The license plate can be received for 30,- € at the department of transportation under submission of the following documents:

  • valid passport or id-card
  • vehicle registration
  • verification of insurance
  • verification of TÜV- and emission test
  • residence registration from France

At the making out you have to produce the license plate as well as the medical kit. Furthermore an export insurance for the car will cost 80,-€. After arriving in France with your vehicle you are obliged to register it within 6 month of residing there. For the registration in France you will need the following documents:

  • confirmation of deregistration from Germany
  • vehicle registration document
  • EG- certificate of conformity
  • purchase- or lease contract of the vehicle
  • verification of TÜV- France
  • valid id-card or passport
  • certification of the revenue board about exemption of VAT or VAT payments

After the permission the German license plate will be exchanged for the French license plate.

Moving to France: how to safely transport your belongings to your new home

No customs duties will become due upon import of your belongings within the EU. We recommend to hire a professional removal company to transport your goods. Picobello is your primary contact in Germany- as an experienced removal company we supervise your removal to France with our thorough service for a fixed price. Whatever French city you want to move to- we take care of a safe transport of your belongings.

Please do not hesitate to contact us about emigration and a removal to Paris or other French places via phone or use our contact form.