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Hotline: +49 371 774 14 59
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


private customers

  • annually ca. 350 removals for emigrants to/from Ireland and Great Britain
  • annually ca. 100 removals to/ from France, Italy, Spain
  • annually ca. 130 removals to/ from Finland, Norway and Sweden
  • annually ca. 50 removals to/ from Greece and Portugal
  • German Bundeswehr
  • Federal foreign office
  • Allianz insurance
  • German school
  • Essex Pharma
  • Aspen Pharma
  • DLR
  • Dell
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Apple
  • AarabellaStarwood Hotels
  • Radisson Hotels and Resorts
  • Kempinski Hotels

…and many more!

References for our pb-exclusive- Removals are handed out on demand ( with the consent of our customers)

Object removals/ Departments

Grundschule Haan – Mittelhaan
Removal of the school
Contact person: Ms. Sann

Bildungszentrum Frankenberg
complete removal ca. 800cbm
Contact person: Ms. Horn

St. Georg Krankenhaus Bad Pyrmont
complete removal of the hospital
Contact person: Ms. Meyhack / Mr. Wermker

Chemische Fakultät Humboldt Universität Berlin
Contact person: Mr. Wittenberg
7.300 cbm removal goods 745 cbm packaging service for glas und chem. Equipment +
relocation incl. packaging service und sorting of 3.000 lfd. m files

Mikrobiologie/Virologie Universitätsklinikum removals in Dresden entirely
Contact person: Mr. Berger
80 workstations

Boddenklinik Ribnitz-Dammgarten entirely
bidding consortium with company Ostseeland

Bundesanstalt für Landwirtschaft und Ernährung Frankfurt/Main entirely
Contact person: Mr. Lotz
110 workstations

Umzug des Finanzamt Bischofswerda
Contact person: Mr. Jung
ca. 2.800cbm / 160 workstations

Deutsches Entomologisches Institut Eberswalde/Finow
Contact person: Prof. Dr. Dathe
2,5 Mio. insect compounds / 2.000 lfd. m books and magazines
biggest collection of insects in Germany

Schloss Rheydt Mönchengladbach
Contact person: Mr. Dr. Sternberg
Museum storage, ca. 500cbm historic exhibits including packaging service

Umzug Polizeidirektion Leipzig
group of a hundred BDP Leipzig
ca. 500cbm

Agentur für Arbeit Magdeburg
filestorage Alg/Alhi
Contact person: Mr. Laube
ca. 4.000 lfd. m files
sorting and centering of files of seven GST

SIB Staatl. Baumanagement
Contact person: Mr. Tempel
ca. 1.500cbm – ca. 70 workstation

Stadt Lübbecke – archive removal
Contact person: Ms. Droste
ca. 1.200 lfd. m files archives in packaging service

Telecom AG
Contact person: Mr. Estelmann
logistics, storage, forwarding, shop-installatiion, new furniture logistics

Amt für Familie und Soziales Chemnitz
Contact person: Ms. Kloß
ca. 2.200 lfd. m files in packaging service

Umzug des Stadtarchiv Lüdenscheid
Contact person: Mr. Fleczok
ca. 1.300 lfd. m files in packaging service

Straßenbauamt Plauen
Contact person: Mr. Palatzke
ca. 1.000cbm / ca. 60 workstations

Arbeitsamt Chemnitz entirely
Contact person: Mr. Vogel
500 workstations

Stadtarchiv Stadt Lüdenscheid (NRW)
ca. 500cbm Archives im packaging services

Gymnasium Gransee /Landkreis Oberhavel
incl. chemical laboratory
ca. 600cbm

Gesamtschule Stadt Hennigsdorf "Albert Schweitzer"
incl. chemical laboratory
ca. 700cbm

Arbeitsamt Magdeburg entirely
Contact person: Mr. Pfeiffer
1000 workstations / 5.600 lfd. m files relocated 1.900 lfd. m of which logistic realignment

Gehalts- und Lohnverrechnungsamt München entirely
Contact person: Mr. Urlbauer
230 workplace/ 6200 lfd. m, files pack and unpack , 550m shelfs assembly/disassembly

Archiv Militärgeschichtliches Forschungsamt Potsdam
Contact person: Oberstlt. Berthold
120.000 volumes of archives in packaging services

Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik Bonn entirely
Contact person: Ms. Gieratz
200 workstations incl. library

Bundesamt für Finanzen / Saarlouis entirely
Contact person: Mr. Albert
140 workstations

Realschule Bielefeld
Contact person: Ms. Wilhelm
removal, storage of classrooms /workshops /laboratories

Stadtverwaltung Heppenheim
Contact person: Mr. Haag
and Kreisverwaltung Bergstraße
Contact person: Mr. Brückmann
160 workstations +500 lfd. m files

…and many more on demand