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Removal to Sweden
What do I have to consider when moving to Sweden?

A removal to Sweden is the dream of a lot of people in Germany. The Swedish landscape, the typical Swedish Houses and the Swedish lifestyle fascinate numerous Sweden- tourists from Germany. To make the dream of emigrating become reality, a lot of preparation is needed for the removal to Stockholm, Gothenborg or another Swedish city. As a competent removal company with years of experience with the realization of international removals, Picobello Removals supervises numerous customers from all over Germany before, during and after their removal to Sweden.

Also during your removal we assure the proper transport of your belongings. In case a ferry( national or international) has to be used for the removal, we will handle all planning. Furthermore we also offer removals to the cold north of Sweden. Especially during the winter we bring snow chains and scatter materials to assure a safe transport according to instructions.

Important advice for the removal to Sweden

We collected useful information for you to regard in order for your removal to become a success:

  • The currency in Sweden is not the Euro but the Swedish crone. In spite, Sweden is part of the EU. When moving to Stockholm or another Swedish city, bureaucratic matters are therefore limited.
  • Taxes are relatively high in Sweden. Nevertheless a lot of services that cause costs in Germany are free in Sweden, including child care and education as well as other social benefits. Only retirement insurance contribution has to be paid in Sweden as well.
  • EU citizens are allowed to import a unrestricted amount of goods to Sweden for private use. restrictions (e.g. alcohol and tobacco) are predefined by EU- policy. 
  • Swedish for beginners: Good knowledge of the English language is sufficient to communicate in Sweden, especially in big cities such as Stockhol, Gothenburg and Malmö. For a permanent removal we suggest to take a Swedish language course to solidify your knowledge of the Swedish language.

Emigrate to Stockholm: How to finance your removal to Sweden

Whether Stockholm or Malmö- when planning a removal to Sweden, you have to consider the costs for the hired removal company. Almost every financial services company offers specific loan options, designed for removals to another country. Furthermore the government offers a supportive programs. ALG-1 recipients can secure further payments for three month if they are using the time for active job search.

Removal to Sweden: Get support by a professional removal company

As an experienced removal company, we supervise removals from Germany to Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and many more Swedish cities. Thereby we emphasize punctuality and the safety of your belongings. As a competent partner we will of course take care of the safe transport of your goods via ferry(national and international).