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Removal to Spain

Whether Mallorca or Lisboa- as an experienced forwarder Picobello international removals supervises removals from Germany to Spain and Portugal. Thereby we value punctuality, reliability and a thorough transport- service as a complete package. No matter how big your household might be- our trucks will bring all your furniture and goods to their destination in Spain or Portugal safely.

In case you want to leave Germany and move to Spain or Portugal, we are the removal company of choice.

What do I have to consider when moving to Spain or Portugal?

You are planning a removal from Germany to Mallorca or to Lisboa? With the right removal company and well-founded background knowledge you can be assured that your removal is trouble-free. Our team at Picobello removals has listed the most important tips for a removal to Spain or Portugal here:

  • Off to Spain: Entering Spain or Portugal does not cause any problems for EU- citizens. All you need is a valid Passport or travel pass. If you intend on staying in Spain for more than three month, you have to register at the local record section. Please note that only spanish is spoken. You will receive a registration number, that might be needed for further bureaucratic matters ( e.g. starting an account).
  • Help by the forwarder: If you want to move your entire household, working with a forwarder is indispensable. The forwarder will take your furniture and belongings to the south via truck. For removals to Mallorca the first destination is usually Barcelona from where the journey continues via ferry.
  • Customs duties in Spain: If you make Spain your primary residence, you will not have to pay customs duties as a EU- citizen. In case you only register your secondary residence in spain, a 12% charge has to be paid for the removal.
  • Removal to Spain- your car comes along: your private vehicle can be brought to Spain straightforward. All you need is a document in Spanish language summarizing your vehicles characteristics. This document can be received from your authorized dealer. Afterwards you produce the document at the ITV in Spain and proceed to get a technical acceptance of your vehicle. Please have your registration ready. Vehicle- and registration taxes have to be paid at the local revenue office, the operating license has to be obtained at the department of transportation.

Off to Spain: We are the partner for your transport from Germany to Spain

Trust our expertise for your removal to Mallorca! As an experienced forwarder and professional for international removals our company has realized countless Removals from Germany to Mallorca, Barcelona and other Spanish destinations. As a transport company we are on southern European roads weekly. Also for your removal we ensure a professional, safe and sound transport. For questions regarding removals to Mallorca please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone or contact form.

Picobello Removals- your reliable partner for the removal to Spain.