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Removal to Scotland
Emigrate to the green Paradise

If you plan on moving permanently from Germany to London, Dublin, Glasgow or another part of Great Britain, Picobello Removals is your removal company of choice. We realize your removal from Germany to Scotland, England and any other part of Great Britain.

Whether London or Glasgow- when moving to scotland or England there are many things to consider. Our team at Picobello supports you with your removal to London, Glasgow and other cities. A few pieces of information for the removal and emigration from the federal republic of Germany are gathered here:

  • Entering Scotland, England or the entire British Kingdom is trouble free for German citizens with a valid Passport. No such thing as a compulsory registration does exist, therefore no residence permit is necessary.
  • A certificate of employment or the existence of adequate means of subsistence has to be provided after three month. Special rules apply for students.
  • Working in Scotland does not require a permit.
  • Your private vehicle can be imported to Scotland and used for 6 month without any trouble. After that period, you are obliged to register and insure your car in Great Britain. As a member of the EU you have automatic access to Great Britains social insurance system. The limited range of services motivates a lot of people in Scotland to furthermore secure themselves with private insurances.

Emigrating to Scotland: What to regard when moving to Scotland for retirees

If you want to make Scotland or England your new center of life after retirement, you are obliged to state the amount of your pension to assure it lies above the social help scale of Scotland. Furthermore you will need verification of housing space in Scotland, a health insurance and your passport to live in Great Britain.

Picobello Removals: Make your removal a success story!

If you want to say farewell to the federal-republic of Germany and emigrate to Scotland or England, we are your partner of choice. For many years we successfully realize removals to Great Britain. As an experienced removal company, we transport your belonging safe and sound to your new home in Scotland.
As distinguished from other removal companies, not only do you have a partner stationed in Germany but also in Great Britain. This way your removal is always secured and you can entirely focus on exploring your new home in Great Britain.

Removal to Scotland? Choose Picobello removals and we will accompany your removal and make it a success story!