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Removal to Portugal
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Spain, the south of France or Portugal- every year more people from Germany decide to get a residence in the Sun. If you also want to change your residence from Germany to Lisboa or the Algarve there is only one option: Picobello removals. We take care of a safe and sound transport of your goods from Germany to Portugal.

When moving from Germany to Portugal, many things have to be considered for the transport of your belongings. Our team at Picobello removals informs about the most important rules for the change of residence and the transport of goods.

International removals from Germany to Portugal, Spain and France

As a German citizen you have the option to stay in France, Portugal or Spain for 90 days without any consequences. In case you want to change your residence permanently you will have to consider the specific register rules. If you are planning on a longer stay or permanent move for example to Lisboa, you will have to register at the local police or foreigner registration office and demand a residence permit, which will usually be valid for 5 years. The following documents will be needed when demanding the permit:

  • Copy of a valid passport
  • Three passport photos
  • Copy of employment contract or verification of independent activities in Portugal

Transport to Portugal: What you have to look out for

In general it is allowed to import all of your goods without tax and without regard of the value of the good into Portugal for your personal use. Solely certain amounts of certain goods, such as alcohol, can not be exceeded and might need proof of personal need.

Your vehicle can also be imported to Portugal or Spain trouble-free. The registration in Spain, France or Portugal is due after 6 month.

Removal to Portugal: Trust the expert in transport of goods and removals

You wish to relocate your residence to Portugal with a competent partner to supervise your removal with care and safety? Picobello would like to take care of your removal and the transport of your goods from Germany to the Algarve or other southern regions.

Profit from our extended experience in international removals!