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Removal to Italy
What to regard when migrating from Germany

Rome, Sicilia, Venice- the republic of Italy is one of the favorite destinations of German tourists.
Particularly popular is the vegetation- rich island of Sicilia. Many even dream to permanently live in the sunny republic. A lot has to be considered to fulfill this dream though. The team at Picobello removals supports will support you with our years of experience in realizing international removals from Germany to other countries.

Living and working in the republic of Italy

Emigration to Italy for people from Germany is easier than one might think. For EU- citizens the move to Rome, Sicilia or Venice is very uncomplicated. In general a valid Passport is enough to enter the Italian republic. For everybody staying longer than three month or planning to stay permanently, a residence permit has to be requested within 8 days. Caused by the Italian lifestyle, the reception of the document might take a while. But do not worry, as an EU-citizen you can live and work in Italy since the permit is not a requirement, it only testifies the existence.

EU- citizens that wish to emigrate to Rome or Venice and want to work there do not need a special working permit. Also independent activities can be done without a problem. Even if you have not found work yet, residing in Milan, Rome or Sicilia is no problem at all. Possibly it will become necessary to document the search for a job at Italian administrative bodies. Furthermore several Jobs have special requirements which will make it necessary to register at the Italian board of trade.

Emigration to Italy: Healthcare is necessary

The Italian health system does not affect all foreigners. If you are leaving Germany for Italy and do not receive pension, you have to cover a private healthcare do be secured in case of an emergency.

Picobello removals: We accompany your removal to Rome or the pretty Island of Sicilia

Whether its Rome,Sicilia or Venice- we realize your removal to the country where the lemons blossom. Our years of experience in realizing removals across Europe make us your perfect partner for removals to Italy, especially for Bundeswehr removals to Decimomannu on Sardinia and Sigonella on Sicilia, both NATO-bases.

If you also want to migrate you should trust in our competency regarding international removals- our employees will take your belongings to Rome, Venice or Sicilia safe and sound.