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Off to Helsinki
What to regard when moving to Finland

The Scandinavian countries have gained a lot of popularity. An increasing number of people want to leave Germany and move to the republic of Finland. Especially the metropolis Helsinki is a popular destination for emigrants. Our team at Picobello, your professional for international removals informs you about the most important formalities to regard for a move to the republic of Finland:

Registration in Finland: The first steps after the removal

A residence permit is not necessary for EU-citizens. The finish law implies that you register upon arrival in Helsinki, Lahti or other places in Finland. Thereby the police takes care of your registration at the finish foreigner index, a register conformation will be forwarded to you.

The following documents will be needed for emigration from Germany and the European Union to Finland:

  • valid id-card with a photo
  • employment contract or verification of independent activities
  • evidential documents of civil status(Marriage-/divorce documents)
  • for students: student card of a finish University
  • for non-working: evidence of sufficient means of substance for the stay in Finland

Registration at the Administrative Office for Citizens

You are obliged to register at the public administration office for stays longer than one year. This registration should be done at the administrative office for citizens of your residence. The following documents need to be submitted:

  • passport/ id-card
  • verification of registration
  • evidence of employment, student status and civil status(e.g. close familiar connections to Finland)

After registration you will receive a social insurance number (henkilötunnus/sosiaaliturvatunnus) by the finish government. Said number will ease bureaucratic matters in Finland such as opening accounts or visits to authorities.

Support by professionals: Make your removal to Finland a success story

If you are planning a removal from Germany to a Finish city such as Helsinki, our team at Picobello removals is your Partner of choice. Punctuality and reliability are our main priorities that we acquired in years of supervising international removals. We are also able to reach the cold north of Finland- thanks to our appropriate equipment(snow chains, scatter materials).

Whatever finish city you decided for- we will transport your belongings from Germany to every angle of the Finish republic and Scandinavia. Feel free to contact us concerning a removal to Helsinki, Lahti or other Finish cities via phone or contact form.

Trust in Picobello removals, your partner for a professional international removal.