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Removal to England/ Great Britain
What to regard for your removal to the Island

If you plan on moving permanently from Germany to London, Dublin, Glasgow or another part of Great Britain, Picobello Removals is your removal company of choice. We realize your removal from Germany to England and any other part of Great Britain. Whether London or Glasgow- when moving to Great Britain there are many things to consider. Our team at Picobello supports you with your removal to London, Glasgow and other cities and has gathered the most important thing to regard.

Emigration from Hamburg to England: How to make your removal work

Emigrate and arrive- to ease the process we suggest to start a British bank account as immediately after the removal (or even better, before). Without such account a lot of steps are barely possible, which is why we suggest the start of the account as soon as possible.

A compulsory registration as in Germany does not exist in the British area. Although you will have to request a national insurance number upon signing your employment contract. This social insurance number will register you in the public social insurance system of Great Britain. You are eligible for health services as soon as the registration took place. The following documents will be needed for the application at the social security office:

  • passport or child passport( id-card is no longer of use after de-registration in Germany)
  • employment contract of employer in Englanf
  • letter from the employer
  • proof of address in England

In case you want to make your removal to England or Scotland official you can request a residence permit, although it is not a necessary step for emigrating to England.
As soon as your passport is expiring you can renew it at the German embassy. Your drivers license will not have to be changed since it keeps its validation entirely.

Removal to England: A success with the help of a forwarder

A lot of people move to England for job related reasons. Especially Bundeswehr-soldiers often change their residence to England to attend the Defence Academy in Watchfield. Whatever your reasons to emigrate may be- we are the right partner for your removal to England. Our team at Picobello is on British roads all year around. Whether you are emigrating or moving back to Germany- we know what it takes to transport your belongings safely. Profit from the following advantages:

  • extensive, individual consulting in Germany
  • flexibility and constant availability by our own sub company in Great Britain
  • well trained and internationally experienced employees
  • enormous truck fleet enables the realization of short notice removal plans
  • compulsory fixed price offers in written form(includes all toll-, ferry and allowance costs)

As a future orientated company we will realize your removal with the most modern and environment sparing technology. Adherence to schedule and precise organization are the first priority for our team at Picobello removals. Packaging materials will be supplied entirely by us. We will also take care of the needed parking spaces on- site in England. Due to our several Insurance options you are secured for an eventual case of damage.

As an EU- citizen you will not have to register your belongings or pay customs for importing them to Great Britain. Solely weapons, ammunition and certain medication are the exception here. Information about these exceptions can be received on demand by the custom authority.

Whether from Hamburg, Munich or Berlin- Picobello will transport your belongings from Germany to London or other british places safe and sound. Feel free to contact us concerning a removal to England and about our complete service.

Moving to England- make your removal a success story with Picobello removals