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Removal to Belgium: What to regard
Off to Belgium! Picobello informs about the removal from Germany to Belgium

Many Germans decide to move to Brussels for work related reasons. Due to the seating of the European Parliament in Brussels, many job openings for people from Germany open up in Belgiums capital. Furthermore jobs at the federal foreign office or at SHAPE(Nato-base) in Mons are possible.

If you plan on moving to Belgium, France or other countries that are part of the European Union, all doors are open for you: In general every citizen of the European union is allowed to move without restriction within all member countries. If the duration of the stay is longer than three month, some aspects have to put into consideration. The following requirements have to be met for an allowance in Belgium:

  • a valid passport or id card
  • you are employed, work independent OR own enough means of substance as well as healthinsurance
  • you are a student or apprentice
  • one of your dependents meets said requirements

First steps after your removal to Belgium

After your removal from Germany to Belgium the time span to register at the local administration office is eight days. Furthermore you will have to demand a settlement request within three month. The following documents will be needed:

  • valid Id-card, passport or children passport
  • birth certificate
  • pass photos
  • de-registration document of old residence
  • verification of your marital status
  • verification of requirements said above for a stay longer than three month( employment verification, student status verification, health insurance etc.)

Furthermore several municipals request a criminal record certificate and a lease- or purchase agreement. Fees apply for the processing of your application. A formal residence permit will also be drawn up for stays longer than a year.

Please note: Passport or id- card have to be on you at all times since a verification of registration is not an identification paper.

After the removal: Visits by the Police

In Belgium it is common that the police is assuring that you are actually living at your registered address. Our team at Picobello removals suggest to put name signs to your house or apartment immediately. You will receive a document to show to the police upon registration.

Removals to Belgium, France or another country within the European Union- Picobello removals will transport your belongings to your new home safe and sound. Further information about our range of services can be seen here. If you have any questions about private or Bundeswehr removals please call or use our contact form.